xnsdoc 1.3 Release Notes

New features:

10New option catalogs: list of URIs to XML catalog files
11New option noasciiart: If ASCII art should be ignored in documentation
12Generates Links to referenced Model groups in Nested Element Summary.
13upto 5x faster processing

Fixes for bugs:

xnsdoc-23Error when processing a local defined complex type that extends the containing named global complex type.
xnsdoc-24Missing braces in model-description of a complex content model might lead to missleading and wrong presentation of the model.
xnsdoc-25If a namespace name is "con" or any other name that is preserved by the OS, xnsdoc fails.
xnsdoc-26References to a simpleType might cause invalid href attributes in links, if the name of the type is longer then 24 characters.

Previous releases

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