Features of xnsdoc

xnsdoc has support for a large number of features regarding documentation of XML schema and XML namespaces. Here is a list of important features that is far from being complete:

  • multiple cross-linked clearly laid out HTML pages
  • browser independent documentation
  • full facet support for simple types including all fundamental facets
  • XML instance model description
  • hierarchical documentation of nested elements (particles)
  • attribute summaries and details with their exact types
  • resolved substition group affiliations
  • usage reference, type hierarchy and index
  • annotated documentation supports both, plain text and HTML annotations
  • full support for included and imported schemas
  • supports all commen schema design practices like chameleon, russian doll, salami slice, venetian blind schemas or circular schema references.
  • using OASIS XML catlogs v1.1


Besides using xnsdoc at the command line, xnsdoc can be seemless integrated into many common development tools:

  • Task for Apache Ant
  • Plugin for Apache Maven
  • Eclipse Plugin
  • Stylus Studio (DataDirect Technologies)
  • XMLSpy (Altova)
  • Oxygen XML Editor (SyncRO Soft)
  • XML Writer (Wattle Software)
  • JBuilder (Borland)

xnsdoc is available on all platforms that support Java2. Furthermore xnsdoc can be integrated into any Java2 application thru the Java API of xnsdoc.


To the best of our knowledage we consider xnsdoc to be 100% conform to the W3C Specification for XML Schema.

  • Passes 100% of the valid schema files of the W3C XML Schema Test Suite
  • documentation of all properties of all schema components of the XML schema specification except notation element.

You can find more information about the compatibility of xnsdoc on the conformance page.


xnsdoc is compatible with Java 1.3 and 1.4. We recommend to use either JRE 1.3.1_07, JRE 1.4.2_06 or higher.

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