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xnsdoc 1.2.1 Java API

Class Main

  extended bycom.xnsdoc.Main

public final class Main
extends java.lang.Object

Command line interface of xnsdoc.

xnsdoc [-option] schema
              (to document a schema)
where options include:
    -o -out <folder>      Set the output folder
    -t -doctitle <title>  Set the documentation title
    -h -header <header>   Set the documentation header
    -f -footer <footer>   Set the documentation footer
    -b -bottom <bottom>   Set the documentation bottom
    -v -verbose           Output messages about what xnsdoc is doing
    -q -quiet             Donot output any messages
    -p -hideTypes         hide types in overview pages
    -g -hideGroups        hide groups in overview pages
    -a -hideAttributes    hide attributes in overview pages
    -n -hideNotations     hide notations in overview pages
    -xml                  output as XML instead of HTML
    -css <css-file>       provide external CSS file
    -version              Only output version of xnsdoc
    -launch               Launch documentation after creation
    -license <folder>     Set location of license file
    -cf                   Create output folder if not exists
    -dt -datatypes        include build-in datatypes in output
    -ph -proxyHost        host name of proxy
    -pp -proxyPort        port number of proxy
    -m -maxIdLength       maximum length of ids
    -d -debug             Output debug messages
    -? -help              Print this help message

Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          Main method of command line interface of xnsdoc.
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Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
Main method of command line interface of xnsdoc.

args - Array of command line arguments

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xnsdoc 1.2.1 Java API

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