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xnsdoc teaser xnsdoc is a documentation generator for XML namespaces defined by W3C XML Schema in a JavaDoc like visualization.

xnsdoc supports all common schema design practices like chameleon, russian doll, salami slice, venetian blind schemas or circular schema references.

xnsdoc can be used from the command line, as an Apache Ant Task, as an Apache Maven Plugin, as an eclipse plugin or integrated as a custom tool in many XML development tools such as StylusStudio, <oXygen/>XML or XMLWriter.

Interesting Features

  • multiple cross-linked clearly laid out HTML pages
  • browser independent documentation
  • usage reference, type hierarchy and index
  • full support for included and imported schemas
  • seamless integration into many development tools

To read a more comprehensive list of features, go to the xnsdoc features page or to the comparison with xsddoc.

Free License for Open Source Projects

For educational purposes and Open Source projects, we offer a license of xnsdoc at no cost. Teachers, students or project owners should fill out and send us the Application for an Open Source License or the Application for an Educational License repectively. More about our licenses can be found in the sales FAQ.


To see documentations generated by xnsdoc, go to the examples page. Here are some popular examples generated using xnsdoc:

How to get xnsdoc

xnsdoc can be downloaded for free from the xnsdoc download page for evaluation pupose. For commercial use, you need to buy a license key.

Keeping in touch

You can keep track of further releases of xnsdoc by subscribing to the buldocs announcements mailing list. If you have any suggestions or feedback to xnsdoc, please feel free to send a mail to .

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